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Being a Software Engineer for over 5 years, I been involved into developing enterprise applications , web marketing applications and business web sites. I with my team offer all these related services to promote peoples business and interest to the community.

  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Desktop Applications

  • Web Design and Development

  • CMS Customization

  • Shoping Cart

  • Graphics Design and Branding

  • Website Maintenance

  • Consultancy

Web Applications

I design and develop Java web application for small and large scale business. I handle all the parts of the application like design, prototype, database design and develop the application with latest available technologies.

I usually work with Java frameworks or tools like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Ejb, Jsf and different rich UI libraries.

I also take on Php based web application based on project need and scope of the project using core php or framework like code igniter.

Mobile Applications

I undertake J2ME based mobile client application for web enterprise applications and also stand alone mobile applications.

I also love to develop Android applications for current mobile based application world.

Desktop Applications

Desktop based applications for small business which mainly focuses on report and data process with in single machine or in a LAN networks.

To develop desktop applications I use Java swing, AWT and SWT. I have also designed and developed some Visual Basic applications accounting and inventory solutions.

Web Design and Development

I offer high quality premium web sites for small and large business.  I provide sample Photoshop designed templates for the customers to chose and build the final web sites based on customer expectations.

Web sites I build would be static or dynamic based on requirements.

I use web technologies like Html, Xhtml, Plain Java Script and jQuery libraries. I always try to maintain W3C standard website.

CMS Customization

Very well known CMS like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal very famous to built dynamic web sites in very small amount of time.

I offer creating web site using all these CMS from template to web site. I design Photoshop template and create CMS template from those design and create content needed for the web site.

I also create and customize blogs with Wordpress.

Shoping Cart

I take on e-commerce websites for small and medium level business. I design and develop complete e-commerce site with security.

I usually use open source e-commerce cms like Magento, Zen Cart and Virtue Mart etc based on the scope of the site.

Graphics Design and Branding

Graphics design plays a major role to brand any business. I serve all kind of business banner and logo for different area of business.

I also serve design template for web sites.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance of a running web site is very important to run it smoothly. I take lead of maintain of any small and large websites including new data addition to website, design modification, fixing any issues, backup, recovery etc.


I provide consultancy for designing and developing web sites, web applications, database design and all the services I offer.

I offer training session also based the demand.

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